Alison Brody Alpert

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My name is Alison Brody Alpert.

I have been board certified as a chaplain and talk with people about advance care and end-of-life planning ~ we talk about clarifying healthcare options, completing Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) documents, preferences for burial and cremation, and clarifying beliefs and wishes. 

I do not charge for these conversations. If you would like to know more about talking with me about advance care and/or end-of-life planning, please click on this link.

I am trained and licensed in New York as a community-based, clinical social work therapist (LCSW).  People who meet with me for counseling use their insurance ~ I accept most insurance plans. 

I am not currently working with new clients, but I keep a list of therapy services that accept many insurance plans for payment, and am glad to help you get connected with an in-network therapist. If you would like to know about my counseling work, please click on this link, and if you would like to get suggestions for in-network mental health counseling services that accept your insurance, please click on this link.

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I am endorsed by The Humanist Society as a Humanist Chaplain and am approved to conduct marriages in New York City ~ other than asking for payment to cover travel expenses, I do not charge for these services. 

If you would like to discuss a marriage, please use the form on this website (which also gives my phone number) to get in touch

I studied in the 1980s at the Jewish Theological Seminary and was ordained by The Rabbinical Academy of Mesifta Adath Wolkowisk.

I am always available to talk with people about faith and practice, especially as it relates to times of illness, loss, and mourning ~ please use the form on this website (which also gives my phone number) to get in touch. 

I correspond with and write letters of support and advocacy for people who are incarcerated ~ as a rabbi I offer support for people who identify as Jewish, and as a Humanist Chaplain I try to provide support for people who identify as  humanists. I do not charge for these ways of offering care.

If you are have a loved one who would like some additional support, please use this form to contact me ~ the form also gives my address, and you can feel free to pass that along to someone you know in prison.